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Call us now to book your free consultation:01923 537 010

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Contemporary lifestyles mean that we all have limited time to maintain our skin the way we probably should. Aesthetic lasers offer you the chance to reverse the signs of ageing and treat some of the imperfections that appears due to leading a normal busy lifestyle. Wrinkles, spider veins, blood spots, scars and rosacea can now be improved or removed altogether, painlessly and quickly, using the latest nd:YAG laser technology.

Dermatologists have used the power of lasers for decades, tested and perfected numerous treatments which are now available to you at very reasonable cost.

We specialise in aesthetic skin treatments using the latest techniques and machines to provide you with safe, tested treatments with proven results.

  • Permanent hair reduction for all skin tones, including dark Asian and African skin
  • Microblading using the ancient Oriental art of Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Face Photo Rejuvenation - targeting all signs of sun damage, pigmentation, lines, rosacea, tone and texture
  • Skin Tightening - Face and body
  • Removal of spider veins, blood spots and age spots
  • Skin lesions treated in seconds with the CryoPen for sun spots, warts, verruccae, milia, cherry anginomas, skin tags and more. 

Our trained staff use Lynton Lasers, the only system available on the NHS approved purchasing list.

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Your aesthetic skin laser clinic in Shenley, Radlett. We offer laser treatments for medical and aesthetic procedures using world-class lasers from Lynton Lasers.


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