Book your free consultation now: 01923 537 010
Book your free consultation now: 01923 537 010
Call us now to book your free consultation: 01923 537 010
Call us now to book your free consultation:01923 537 010

CryoPen Treatments

We are offering a safe, non-invasive treatment for most unwanted skin lesions using the powerful and very precise Cryopen™.

The Cryopen™ treats the lesion by freezing the cells. The cells stay intact and the living, normal tissue underneath is untouched and stays protected. When the area has healed and the skin renewed, the treated skin cells shed off naturally, revealing new, unblemished skin.

The treatment only takes a few seconds per lesion, however the final result will not be visible until 1-3 weeks later. Some lesions, such as larger skin tags and warts may need more than one application.

Please note that whilst the Cryopen™ can remove all benign lesions on the surface of the skin, more complex treatments should be carried out under medical supervision.

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