Book your free consultation now: 01923 537 010
Book your free consultation now: 01923 537 010
Call us now to book your free consultation: 01923 537 010
Call us now to book your free consultation:01923 537 010

Microblading Semi-Permanent Make-up

Semi-Permanent make-up is the ideal solution for a busy, active lifestyle. 

The Eyebrow Embroidery microblading technique was developed in Japan over 20 years ago and is gentle and looks more natural than traditional semi-permanent makeup. We only use natural colours with no iron oxide that fade completely in about 18 months, unless you top it up.


Anna Hobey is an Artist with the prestigious PhiBrows Microblading Academy and has long experience in the art.


Anna's preferred style is 'Super Naturalistic' mimicking real hairs for a natutal and easy to wear result that can easily be dressed up for special occations.


Other styles available are bold brows, machine shading, pixelated shading, full powder brows and 3D hairstrokes with shading.


SPMU for lips and eyeliner competes the 'always fresh' look and is avaialble in many beautiful naturally complemeting shades and colour tones.


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